Breakthrough Training.

Breakneck Ideation.

Not afraid 
to rock a 
bold color.

We want to help you move your team forward. From professional doubters to rebellious game-changers. From lone wolves to quick and joyful collaborators. From death-by-data junkies to Spielbergian storytellers. 

We help people and ideas rise.
We are a learning and development company focused on unlocking organizational creativity and insights, harnessing the power of story and teaching behaviors that drive collaboration and innovative thinking.  

Learn Deeper: 
We have developed a deep toolkit to make experiential learning fast and impactful. We believe that people learn best when they are in a state of play. We draw on our experience as improvisers and writers to create immersive programs that engage introverts and extroverts and everyone in between.  Our sessions are highly varied, energetic but not exhausting, and never too serious. (Yes, the work we all do is Very Serious, but that doesn’t mean we have to take ourselves so seriously.)

Create Faster: 
We'll bring jet fuel and a powerful structure for 'yes, and' to your ideation process.  We'll help you create from abundance and empower every voice to generate more and better ideas in less time, with fewer tears - and we'll build collaborative skills in your team along the way. 
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Work together with more impact and fewer silos.
Make sure your critical messages are met with raucous applause. 
More ideas in less time, without all those fear tears. 
Virtual Learning
Inspired remote learnings that supercharge your creativity and confidence 
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