Everybody knows that Collaboration is a good thing. But here's the thing: Everybody is too busy to collaborate. Worse yet, people secretly believe that collaborating slows them down. Our programs dismantle the myths around collaboration and embed tools and tactics into everyday behavior to make collaboration a natural part of your company culture.  

Collaborator's Toolkit (60-120 Minutes)
In 1-2 hours, your team gains fast tactics for deep collaboration in the face of change.  Fast-paced, interactive exercises allow participants to laugh, discover and gain self-awareness in a moderated workshop format designed to target your most pressing collaboration challenges.
  • Building on ideas
  • Creating an inclusive culture
  • Better Listening
  • Being an empathetic and adaptive communicator
  • Moving beyond silos

The Improviser’s Guide to Thriving Through Change (90 Minutes – 120 Minutes)
Incorporate the skills and philosophies of improvisation to prepare yourself for the moments where it’s impossible to be prepared. Navigate change, bring the power of ‘yes and’ and discover how to lead collaboration in moments of disruptive change. 

  • Mastering others-focused communication to create ‘win-win’ collaboration

  • Creating a culture of listening, inclusion and acknowledgment

  • Using a ‘yes, and’ framework to make communication positive, generative and others-focused

  • Maintaining empathy and vulnerability in the face of the unknown

  • Generating ideas quickly to speed up innovation

  • Recognizing patterns and behaviors that block progress

  • Moving beyond silos to connected networks

The Empathy Formula [There is no Empathy Formula] (45 Minute Interactive Keynote)
Most organizations operate with conditional empathy, turning it on and off depending on the situation. Unfortunately, the moments of least empathy tend to define us to colleagues and customers alike. Stop treating Empathy like the nice jacket you wear when the boss is in town. Dive into the moment-by-moment behaviors that create a more empathetic environment, even in the face of tough decisions and moments of crisis.

"Collaboration starts with listening."
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