A typical brainstorming looks like this: Get everybody into a room, tell them to come up with bold ideas and then systematically shoot them down. 
Let us take away the pain and juice up the results. Our approach to ideation is to create a system for abundance, instill a 'yes and' mindset and then to align on the best ideas quickly. 

We believe - 
  • Great ideas come from fast iteration built upon great insights
  • Yes, And is the golden rule. It's also a muscle you need to build because our "No because" muscle is over-developed!
  • Inclusive teams come up with better ideas
  • You need to trust your gut. And also be aware of Idea Bias. It's a balance!
  • Ideas that fail help you map the DNA for ideas that will work - it's a numbers game.

The PinqTank (Half Day or Full Day) 
A powerful ideation session designed to stretch your brains and unleash your creative superhero using a gauntlet of highly varied, collaborative ideation exercises. Each session flow is customized to your creative challenge, your group and your objectives.   
  • Making data meaningful
  • Using visual storytelling
  • Reframing information to engage an audience
  • Reading the room and connecting

PinqTank Plugin (1-2 Hours) 
Already have a strategy session planned? Need a better way to endcap a full-day retreat? A fast PinqTank Plugin plugs into your program to goose ideas in a condensed format to make sure you've truly mined all the gold, 
  • Get everybody warmed up for the deep thought work ahead
  • Set norms for collaborating around ideas or solutions
  • Include a fast idea sprint to build upon engagement surveys, customer data, etc  

Storytelling is the fundamental skill of making your message matter.
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