Storytelling is the way you keep your audience's attention and package your message in a memorable way. A great story is pervasive - it gets passed along. You know what doesn't get passed along? Your boring bulletpoints. We love a snappy bulletpoint (see below), but we believe that they thrive best when the story is clear, concise and mapped to the audience that matters. Otherwise, your audience may not know why this bulletpoint matters to them.

Mastering the Story (2-3 Hours)
A master-class in how to keep your audience's gnat-like attention using the same techniques as the best storytellers and comedians. From selling yourself to selling a strategic vision, this interactive session will help your team to look at familiar messaging in fresh ways.  
  • Making data meaningful 
  • Using visual storytelling 
  • Reframing information to engage an audience 
  • Reading the room and connecting

Presenting the Story (3 – 6 Hours)
This interactive session provides the practice, tools and coaching to make the most of your presentation. Using surprising tactics from the world of improvisation and comedy, the instructors create an atmosphere of experimentation and risk-taking to build skills in reading the room, nailing the message and making the critical connection with any (tough) crowd.

  • Build a toolkit for structuring and strengthening their message 

  • Becoming more self-aware as a presenter to read the audience and sell their perspective in a connected way.  

  • Making the most of voice, physicality and emotion. 

  • The Full-Day version includes additional individual practice with coaching on participant presentations.

Storytelling Will Change the World (45 Minute Keynote)
Everybody hears that storytelling is important, but most people don’t see how storytelling fits into a presentation or a sales call. This presentation makes the connection between storytelling skills and all the messages that make up our day – e-mails, conversations, presentations and negotiations. 

"It's a thin line between bulletpoint and pointless bullsh*t."
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