"Far and away the best learnings tackle the truths of our fears." 
Virtual Learning
The founders of Pinquelton Group have a rich history with web-based learnings. Believe us, we've seen them crash and burn and also soar and generate true engagement and inspiration. And 90% of a web-based learning's success or failure lies not with technical burps or lagging internet, but the energy and enthusiasm of the presenters.

We currently offer three unique virtual learning options, each with their own variations based on your needs:
THE QUEST (Training in a Box) 

Training is a Drag

Ever attended a work training taught by a drag queen before?
Training is a Drag is a virtual learning experience unlike any other. 
It combines the audacity, fun and creative energy of a drag show with essential skills your team needs to stay nimble during disruptive change. Inspire innovative thinking while you sashay out of your comfort zone to face any challenge. Oh, and SPOILER ALERT: We all go to work in some sort of "drag." The question is, how does it affect the way we work?

Innovating is a Drag! When life gives you lemons, make Bathtub Limoncello

Change is a Drag! What to do when you can’t lip-synching the same old tune

Working From Home is a Drag! Simple things to rock the homebound look.

Ideation is a Drag! More ideas per minute than those fancy consultunties.

Virtual Meetings are a Drag! When you need to be fierce from the waist up.

Exclusion is a Drag! Understanding Gender Expression & Identity

For teams up to 25, on your platform of choice, 60-75 minutes. Appropriate for all audiences. Please contact us for more information and how we can help you change the way you werq!
Pinquelton Group offers three engaging webinar topics, each available in half-hour or hour-long versions: 

5 Ways To Badass Your Collaboration
Is Tom taking over the meeting again? Is Brenda always sulking in the corner when her idea isn't picked? Is every decision a fight to the death? We have 5 tried and true tips to take the headaches out of group work and turn your workforce into badass collaborators.  

What's Your Story, Morning Glory?
Lost in the weeds of your presentation? Has an avalanche of data buried your chances of connecting with your audience? You have a compelling story to tell, and we give you all the tools you need to let the sunshine in and let it grow. 

The Ideation Roller Coaster
Truly effective ideation shouldn't feel safe, boring or predictable. It should be thrilling, unexpected, full of twists and turns. Butterflies should tumble around in your stomach. Hop on the Ideation Roller Coaster and learn incisive ways to turn your next brainstorm into an exciting braintyphoon.
(Training in a Box)
Need to drive home learning but crunched for time? Dubious of your easily distractable employees' ability to engage in an endless Zoom meeting? The Quest is here to rescue you!

Each Quest is a quick, fun 1-hour live learning with no trainer. A typical Quest consists of three active tasks, done in pairs/small groups or all together, each with increasing level of challenge (and fun!) 

And don't worry! We prep you beforehand and get you set up so you can send your team off on their Quest whenever it works best for you. Each participant keeps track of their progress via a simple feedback worksheet, and once the Quest is complete you report back to us your discoveries and we build a plan with you to move your team forward

The Quest is available in 3 varieties: Innovation, Collaboration and Storytelling. Be your team's Hero and contact us for more info!

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